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(82): The Dilemma of a Plucky Philosopher-Wannabe

Muhsin Ibrahim Twitter: @muhsin234
The world has never been short of the irresolvable arguments of and on philosophy. While the beast is cherished by many, many more others hate it like they abhor their death. The recent raging row on Facebook among the northern youth about the relevance or otherwise of studying Philosophy is nothing that new, unexpected or shocking, at least to me. What is astonishing is the way the whole drama is perceived by some, and treated by others, while many are left totally baffled. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why some ‘concerned’ individuals sought for my opinion on the matter. This is what I set out to do here.
For a record, I am not a philosopher and I won’t pretend to be one. I don’t even find Philosophy a discipline worthy of my drunken desire to learning. I had once started an online course on it on Coursera, for which I downloaded and purchased some books, but I abandoned it halfway. However, I have read a few of those books. As a former student…