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(55): Breaking my Silence

Muhsin Ibrahim @muhsin234 I came back to Nigeria after a two-year-stay in India. There has been so much to write about as so many things have happened, and more are happening since my return. Yet, procrastinations wouldn’t allow me. I balked on whether or not to write on this, that and numerous other itching issues. I have also been so busy: getting settled, resuming work and frequent visits from and to family and friends. And, above all, there’s no uninterrupted power supply, no reliable internet access and much more that were readily available while in India. I had never thought things would be that tough, in fact worse, prior to my return. Anyway, I heartily thank Allah as I am happy against all odds. I was contemplating on which and which topic to concentrate my first blogpost on after more than a month ‘break’. They range from the accusation of some people that President Muhammadu Buhari is now “Baba Go Slow”, or that he’s a northern president, or his anti-corruption c