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(95): Top 12 Kannywood Films of 2017

By Muhsin Ibrahim The article was written for and published by the BBC Hausa service. This is a link to a slightly different version, translated in Hausa, on their website: Fina-finan Kannywood 12 da suka shahara a 2017 . Despite several mounting challenges the Kannywood film industry faces, the chief of which is piracy, many films were produced in the outgoing year of 2017. These include, as one can guess, the very good, the good, the bad and the ugly. The year is not over yet, we, for that reason, expect the release of more films such as Juyin Sarauta, Sabon Dan Tijara , Dan Sarkin Agadaz , Mu Zuba Mu Gani , Dan Kuka a Birni, among others. Therefore, the following list is by no means exhaustive. There can be one, two or more deserving to be included in this category before the end of the year. Again, the list is not in any chronological order. There’s a Way It’s arguably the first Kannywood film in ‘Standard’ English. Produced by Kabiru Jam