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(74): Terrorism: A Deadly, Doomed Battle

Muhsin Ibrahim @muhsin234 The world has consistently, for the past few weeks, seen carnage. The yesterday’s one in Nice, France has mainly left me very appalled, for it engulfed the lives of small children. The earlier one in Saudi Arabia, especially the one near the Prophet’s mosque in Medina, has had an effect on the collective consciousness of the Muslim faithful more than whatever words can describe. Baghdad’s deadliest attack since the American invasion a day or two before was no less devastating, for more than 250 innocent souls were summarily murdered by a lone suicide bomber. Dhaka’s, too, deadened minds and shattered dreams, for it was unprecedented in the country that has already been going through a lot with the rise of the filthy, nihilistic doctrine of “kill whosoever professes different ideology”. Syria’s genocide shows no sign of ending. Libya has long become a den. OMG! I am not here to defend Islam again. I have done that one hundred and one more times alrea