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(19): Kannywood Movie Review: ADUNIYA

Director :         Geoffrey Galadima Producer :       Rabiu Haruna Story:               Yakubu M. Kumo Language :      Hausa Year :               2014 Company :      Al-Rahuz Film Production, Kano Introduction Hausa film spectators are introduced to a new genre of Science-Fiction by the filmmakers of Aduniya . The same is said in its earliest preview on The Premium Times online newspaper in its September, 4th, 2013 edition.  The same had also been mentioned like a litany in the film’s often-repeated adverts on the radio stations and in numerous other films. The boisterous voiceover boasts that viewers will, for the first time, see cars getting exploded like never before, the actors in unique and more captivating roles and, above all, the director of the film was “brought” from abroad. This reviewer sees the production and the formation of the film as avant-garde , for, although no denying the fact that sci-fi is a novel thing in Kannywood, the filmmakers are

(18): Indian Election: The Lessons Nigerians Should Learn

Muhammad Muhsin Ibrahim As Nigerians, we don’t have to go to a far place like India to learn anything in politics, for two reasons. First, we get a model to learn from right below our noses. I am talking about the Niger Republic , yes, our poor, neighbour Niger . In their last general election of 2011, not a single soul was lost as a result of violence, and everything went on efficiently until the end. Second, India is, independence-wise, older, and, democracy-wise, much older than Nigeria . While our democratic government had been interrupted by several military coups after our independence on 1 st October 1960, theirs is never halted since 1947, when the country got independence from the same British colonial brutes that ruled us. But being here, I can’t help but to appreciate and commend their comportment and confederacy during and after the just concluded general elections. India is famously the world’s biggest democracy with nearly a billion el