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(146): The Kano of my dream

By MA Iliasu The dilemma with Kano has always been about standards. So, naturally, Kano's advantages and disadvantages in socioeconomic assets have outgrown everyone's. The history of Hausa land and much of the Sahel will confirm that assertion. Kano's population was approximated in 2022 as the second largest in Nigeria after Lagos and sixth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), ranking behind Lagos, Rivers, Delta, Oyo, and Imo. Kano is blessed with more than ten major markets across its rural and urban settlements, with Kantin Kwari and Dawanau serving as the largest textiles and food markets in West Africa, respectively. The state is enriched with the twentieth highest landmass in Nigeria, the biggest part of which is a prosperous arable land, with a favourable temperament that enables consistent rainfall and harmattan during rainy and harmattan seasons, on top of the twenty dams distributed across the rural economies of the state. Kano is one of the largest industrial

(145): Top 5 Kannywood films of 2022

Habibu Ma'aruf   The year 2022 has not been great for the Kannywood film industry. There was a substantial decline in feature film production as the popularity of series films soared, piquing the interest of more producers. Cinematic releases were at a premium throughout the year, with just nine films, making it a ratio of less than one release a month. The situation was so severe that no major production was shown at cinemas, even during the Eid ul-Fitr festivities. However, while some of the few releases fell flat on their faces, others have managed to make it in the trying year. Find below the top 5 Kannywood films of 2022. Please note that only feature films were considered for this list. Aisha Directed by Hafizu Bello, the movie, Aisha , is critically and commercially successful. It beats Kayi Nayi (Dir, Gumzak 2021) to become Kannywood’s biggest grosser by earning over ₦5.5 million during its elongated run in two cinemas. This is not su