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(65): Jamila, a Worth-Watching Hausa Film

Muhsin Ibrahim @muhsin234 Director :         Ali Gumzak Producer :       Mukhtar Young Boy Story:               Yakubu M. Kumo Year :               2016 Company :      Kabugawa Productions Let me make it clear from the outset that this is not a regular film review. I am not writing this as an academic but as an ordinary film viewer. I just found the story of the above-titled film, its directorial work and thematic preoccupation worth writing on, hence this piece. It is challenging and rare to come across an enthralling Hausa film, especially these days, whose motifs and subject matter is that serious, bold and absorbing. Jamila is entitled after the leading character’s name, acted by A’isha Aliyu Tsamiya. Her mother, Hadiza Muhammad works as a housemaid in a mansion. Adam A. Zango is the only scion of the affluent family. His father has since died and left a vast wealth for him; while the mother pampers him with everything a son may need or wish. He has just re