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(72): The Rise of Rape Cases in Kano

By Muhsin Ibrahim @muhsin234 The recent infamous sodomy case of Hassan Ibrahim Gwarzo Secondary School, Kano did not happen in a vacuum. Many similar other cases occurred and continue to, but they are unfortunately seldom reported, for they did not affect the children of the affluents. For instance, about a week or so ago, I heard on Rahama Radio program that a young man had sexually defiled about 5 boys in their neighbourhoods. While interviewed by Fagge Hisbah Command, the amateur homo said that nobody had ever taught, or had similar contact with him. He, I learned, wanted to say that that was something inborn to him.  Is homosexuality innate? As far as I can tell, sex attraction is physiologically between opposite sexes. Another horrendous, even more horrible, happening is the spate of rape cases of underage girls in the state. A doctor at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital disclosed that in the hospital alone they, on an almost daily basis, get more than ten rape cases of

(71): My Cogitations on the Nigerian Fuel Subsidy Removal Saga

Muhsin Ibrahim @muhsin234 I persevere, but I don’t pretend; I deride double standard and declare the truth as I see it. I wholeheartedly believe that nobody is infallible. Thus humans, including myself, can be right or wrong. I also think that nobody can do anything to satisfy everyone. An old saw on politics, however, states that “majority carries the vote”. A politician wins or loses an election by the sole decision of the majority, the masses. I practically believe that whatever a government does should be pro-masses, for they duly deserve the reward. It is not a privilege; it is their right. For nearly a year now, Nigerian masses have been seeing things contrary to their expectations. They are merely suffering, though their lives are, mostly, more secure now than before President Muhammdu Buhari’s government. The Buhari they knew is no longer the Buhari that rules this country. That one was an agile and sturdy soldier who was pro and for them. Today’s Buhari is a polit

(70): On Fate, Test and Taste of Life

Muhsin Ibrahim So many things are happening around as a result of which so many people are missing their track by i) questioning their beliefs, though indirectly or subconsciously; or ii) by taking things for granted. I am not here to offer a solution to that effect nor am I here to solve the mystery. I nevertheless still feel it appropriate, if not necessary, to contribute to the discourse. And the discussion is the inevitability or otherwise of destiny, and the test and taste of life. Two reasons, sincerely, bluntly speaking, goaded me to (re)write and develop this piece into a full-length article. It was initially posted on Facebook with little elaboration and vague contextualisation. First; I have been married for almost three years – our third anniversary is on June, 1 – but we are not yet blessed with a child. My wife and I are happy, very happy in fact, for we are confident that The Creator of Everything does not forget or abandon us for anythi