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(118): Kannywood Movie Review: Uwar Bari

Director :         Hafizu Bello Producer :       Hamisu Lamido Iyantama Story:              Hamisu Lamido Iyantama Language :       Hausa Year :               2018 Company :      Iyan-Tama Multimedia Limited Cast:             Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Hamisu Lamido Iyantama, Wasila Ibrahim, Sadiya Lawan, Halima Atete, others. An old saw has it that old is gold. I said the same when writing about Iyantama Multimedia before for it’s one of the few among the oldest, reputable film production companies that are still functioning in Kano. Thus, thousands of Kannywood’s au courant audiences will expect nothing less than a high-quality product from them. But the industry struggles to stay afloat, thanks to numerous socio-cultural and economic challenges. Consequently, it’s getting harder and riskier to produce high-budgeted films. A prominent executive producer once told us, at an event, that she was bankrupt following an expensive production. She didn’t only fail to profit from th