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(76): Girl-Child as ‘Endangered’ Human in our Society

Muhsin Ibrahim “Muhsin”, Shamsiyya (not a real name), called my attention. I answered and listened. “Come and marry me”, she finished, retorting my allegation that she was still unmarried not because she lacked suitors but for her being too picky. Later, I pondered on our lengthy conversation and realised I was wrong. Many men are afraid of successful women like her. She is from a wealthy family, has two degrees and works with an international organisation. She also confided that she could not stretch the cultural perception and norms to seriously ask anyone to marry her. She would instead continue to wait for Allah’s choice. I was left in a daze. I came back home, sat down and ruminated over our chit-chat. I then recalled Dr Muhammad Tahar Adamu, aka Baba Impossible’s lecture back in our freshman year in the university. One day, he spent many minutes of his period admonishing the ladies in the class on relationship and marriage issues. As usual, he wa