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(28): Skin Colour-Consciousness among Indians

Muhammad Muhsin Ibrahim @muhsin234 (Twitter) An investigation by the World Value Survey   discovered that India and Jordan top the list of the least racially tolerant countries on the planet . As an African living in the former for over a year, I have witnessed a number of such incidents. Indians, particularly northerners, associate colour with higher or lower social standing. Needless to say, the lighter colour is held in esteem, while the dark in contempt or as “low caste”. It has been happening for so long and itching for sometimes. I often didn’t care or show any reaction, knowing that racism is a hot-button issue. But I was now pushed to the wall; I had better spill the beans to, at least, get some relief. It is worth noting, though, that we are individuals. Some equally ‘light-skinned’ Indians would treat you dearer than your own dark-skinned brethren. I have met some of such individuals, one of whom once took me and my wife to his house, i

(27): I am Afraid for India

Muhammad Muhsin Ibrahim @muhsin234 (Twitter) A few days ago, Aiman Al-Zawahiri, the leader of the terror group, Al-Qaeda released a video  in which he unveiled plans to open a new branch in the Indian subcontinent with a particular interest in India and then Bangladesh and Myanmar. He further explained that the franchise would break the borders of these and other countries until it establishes what he calls “Islamic Caliphate”. This can be a sham or for real. I have got two substantive observations. First, it is possible, as many analysts and security experts suggested that, Al-Zawahiri was simply seeking for relevance because his group has been largely neglected by the mainstream media. Al-Qaeda has apparently been eclipsed by the more daring, more powerful and least conscientious terror group of Islamic State (formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ ISIS ]). The main character is now Al-Baghdadi, not him. The ISIS charter and modus operandi