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(56): On the Trials, Temporality and Futility of Life

Muhsin Ibrahim @muhsin234 I think I have not been busier, more disturbed and unorganized for a very, very long time as I have been in the past few days. Life is often a trial, futile and temporal. Thanks to Allah for creating us the way we are: oxymoronically determined, forgetful and seldom ignorant of what is going on around us and beyond. It’s His mercy. Else, the whole life would be uninteresting, tiring and, perhaps, worthless. The Trial We ‘celebrated’ this Eid-el-Kabir with literally empty pockets. Most of us thought the salaries of September would be paid as the day fell on the 24 th , a date when salaries could normally be given. It wasn’t. Moreover, known to all, salaries are paid prior to the due date if the time coincides with any feast like the Eid or Christmas. More so, being President Muhammadu Buhari is Muslim, some people thought, erroneously though, that he would ‘ favour’ his fellow faithful and pay the salaries. He didn’t. They (we, in fact) now w