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(116): Kannywood Movie Review: Hauwa Kulu

Production Company: Maishadda Global Resources Nig. Ltd Producer: Abubakar Bashir Maishadda Director: Ali Nuhu Release: 2019 Cast: Ali Nuhu, Abba El-Mustapha, Baballe Hayatu, Hassana Muhammad, Hadiza Gabon, Hajara Usman , etc. The eponymous movie Hauwa Kulu is a masterpiece, one of the best films to come out of the Hausa film industry, aka Kannywood. It is a tragic, melodramatic social drama that addresses the issue of rape, which is a boiling issue in our society today. It is also a film that has attracted critical attention, especially from ‘feminists’, NGOs, other critics for its dramatic exposé of the complex politics involved in rape cases and its possible impact on the Nigerian cinema. The extraordinary plot, which is the driving force of this movie, narrates the story of a beautiful village girl, Hauwa Kulu (Hassana Muhammad), whose blind father (Abba El-Mustapha) wanted her to be well educated.   He later decided to marry her off to avoid the plan

(115): Kannywood Movie Review: Namijin Kishi

Production: Kumo Productions. Producer: Yakubu M. Kumo Director: Ali Gumzak Release Year: 2019 Cast: Sadiƙ Sani Sadiƙ, Hafsat Idrees, Ali Nuhu, Shehu Hassan Kano, Alhassan Ƙwalle and others. As several northern Nigerian societies cry of pressing marital problems, an Ali Gumzak-directed film, Namijin Kishi arrives with an exaggerated elucidation of such a marriage. It exposes one of the countless causes of marital disputes. Gumzak's signature is all over it: direct and straight to the point rendition, keeping watchers focused and on the same page. Quite usual of this director, the film’s plot was uninterrupted by the often mundane Indian filmic romance, singing and dancing routine found in many Kannywood movies. Additionally, the background soundtrack accentuates the viscosity of the movie scenes. Individually, the character-performance in Namijin Kishi is excellent, more especially by the leading actor, Sadiƙ Sani Sadiƙ, who effortlessly delivered his assignm