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(86): June 1st

Muhsin Ibrahim @muhsin234    As I have consecutively written in the past 3 years, astrologists would want me to believe that June 1 st is my lucky day. I don’t and won’t concur as I don’t believe in that pseudoscience. Doubtless, for at least two life-shaping incidents that happened to me on the day in 2012 and 2013, I feel obliged to acknowledge its presence. Perhaps known to some readers of my writings, I was employed by the Bayero University, Kano on the day in 2012 and exactly a year after, in 2013, one Khadija and I were pronounced man and wife. I have since then appreciated living with this lady. All thanks are due to Allah, the Exalted, for His blessings and everything. I think some of the points I wrote a couple of years ago on this day deserve repeating, for they are very topical and ever relevant. I wrote thus: The secret of a happy family is nothing hidden. Quarrelling is more or less unavoidable. That makes a dull life an interesting one. Don’t let it thoug