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(108): Kannywood Movie Review: LAILA ADAM

Production :    Famli Investment LTD . Producer:        Sani Mai Iyali Director :         Ali Gumzak Year:                2018 Length :           120 minutes (roughly) Cast :               Aisha Tsamiya, Ali Nuhu, Sadiq Sani Sadiq and others. Although Ali Gumzak-directed Laila Adam ’s release year reads 2018, it is released in early this month (January 2019). From some indications, one may argue that the new year looks auspicious for Kannywood. As per my assessment, there were fewer good films last year. Therefore, I had to struggle to find movies worthy enough for the BBC Hausa’s top 10. Admittedly, some that I included on the coveted list should not be there, but I couldn’t help it. Played by the talented Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya, the eponymous Laila Adam is happily married to Aliyu (coincidentally acted by Ali Nuhu) and blessed with a curious daughter. Their married life is hunky-dory as she means the world to her loving, caring husband and he repeatedly proves