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(69): We are all jealous

Muhsin Ibrahim Jealousy is, to an extent, encouraged in marriage in Islam, and so it is in many religions and cultures around the world. While some are born jealous, others are made so. Yet, some defy the religious, cultural, even commonsensical precept and choose to be unenvious. They care not for their wives, daughters, wards, sisters, etc. I was told a story of a man, an ardent fan of Bollywood, the Indian films. He every day says to his wife while watching the movies that the most beautiful and sexiest women are in India. The wife doesn't like that, yet she keeps mum. It disturbs her a lot for obvious reasons. One day, the wife told the husband that even the most handsome men are in India. He was quickly aghast. He though repressed his infuriation but decided to never watch any Indian film henceforth. That's to avoid what he could have done to the wife should she repeat what she's just said. A professor at Bayero University, Kano