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(75): On the Proliferation of English Learning Centres in Kano

Muhsin Ibrahim @muhsin234 The trending entrepreneurial business in Kano used to be the so-called Computer Learning Centres a few years back. There is, nonetheless, a remarkable shift today to the so-called English Academy, English Learning Centre or other variant names. I am not against the idea entirely, but I am not happy with the vogue for some solid reasons. If you can remember, at the noontime of computer centres in the state, many a time a student would obtain a certificate, a diploma or even an advanced diploma in the computer without knowing or knowing very little on how to use as simple as the Microsoft Word, Excel and other elementary computer applications. The business was hijacked and stalled by quacks.  The quacks plunged and polluted computer learning centres to make one thing: quick money. In no time, many people realised that they were indirectly primarily duped. They stopped their patronage. Nowadays, several people are self-taught computer experts. Compute