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(68): Kannywood Movie Preview: There’s a Way

Production :    Jammaje Productions Producer:       Abba El-Mustapha Executive Producer : Kabiru Musa Jammaje Cast :               Abba El-Mustapha, Nuhu Abdullahi, Sani Mu’azu, Bankaura and others Director :         Falalu A. Dorayi Release Date : N/A A well-known fact to virtually everyone who cares to follow, however marginally, the goings-on in the Hausa film industry aka Kannywood is that it is a haven for amateurish actors and actresses, incompetent directors, antiquated gadgets for production and post-production works, shoestring-budgeted films, trite and frivolous themes in films and many other deficiencies and unmentionable things. But that is neither always the case nor true. There are skilled, even certified actors and actresses, directors, producers, etc that are, nonetheless, largely eclipsed by the poor others who, unfortunately, make the majority. Many people have been bitterly complaining about these issues while some others have lost all interest in Kan

(67): The Sen. Kwankwaso and Gov. Ganduje Face-off: A Non-Romantic View

Muhsin Ibrahim Kano politics is often amusing, another time bemusing and sometimes upsetting. While following the politics, I learn a lot about human character, particularly our fickleness when it comes to loyalty and love. It's a famous saying in politics that there is no permanent friend or permanent enemy. It is also said that betrayal is its hallmark. Hence many people see politics as murky water that can very quickly leave one stained once one moves into it. Kano politics typifies all this and more. I believe that Kano politics can be used as a microcosm of the world’s politics. Political scientists know better. Historically, no governor in Nigeria truly wants his deputy to succeed him for what eventually goes and comes. We are all witness to what happened in Zamfara state between Sen. Ahmed Yarima and his deputy, Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi (MAS). In Kano, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau's two deputies, Engr. Magaji Abdullahi and Engr. Tijjani Muhammad G

(66): Re: Justice Mohammed Lawal Garba Judicial Commission of Inquiry

Muhsin Ibrahim This is a short response to the letter written by Professor Dahiru Yahya, dated 22 February 2016, to the abovementioned commission of inquiry. A number of concerned Nigerians have reacted to the latter, mostly on the social media. However, not everything is said. There is always something more to say on everything. Thus, below is my succinct (or so I hope it is) commentary. I suppose you have read the Prof.’s letter, for this piece is a rebuttal to the major and more fallacious points he postulated. I welcome your own reaction to this rejoinder.  1) First of all, Prof. needs to realise the fact that WE ALL are concerned with the wellbeing and the future of this country. We do not have any other country to call ours except Nigeria. Thus, it is not only about one’s kith and kin, it is about all and sundry. Thus, we hope and pray to see peace reigning in all its nooks and crannies. 2) Nothing is hidden under the sun. Records do not lie;