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(173): Girls: Between Education and Marriage

Marriage is vital. I am a product of marriage and have been married for over a decade. However, we must teach our daughters that there are other achievements besides or in addition to getting married.   While looking for a second wife, a friend met a girl. However, upon realising that she was not his type and that she "accepted" him only because she was idle and had no other suitor, he promised to help her start a business and return to school.   He first gave her a small amount of capital to restart the snacks business, which she said she had once done. Months later, she did not do anything. He, in fact, realised that she had most likely wasted the money. He was angry and sad but didn't give up on his mission to better her life.    Since she left secondary school without sitting for the senior secondary school examination (SSCE) due to family issues, he gave her money to register for this year's WAEC/NECO examination. As I type this, she has not done so yet. She only
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(172): A solution to procrastination

  By Muhsin Ibrahim Procrastination affects not only writers but also people from almost all walks of life. We all have tasks to do. However, due to procrastination, we keep saying that we will do them later again and again until the time is gone. When I was writing my dissertation, I struggled with procrastination. I would often put off writing, thinking that I could do it later. This led to a lot of stress and anxiety as deadlines approached. However, I was determined to find a solution. I tried different techniques, such as setting strict deadlines for myself and breaking up my work into smaller, more manageable tasks. Eventually, I found a solution that worked for me. I was reading a book with a ‘funny’ title:  The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck , when I found the following: ‘When I was in high school, my math teacher, Mr. Packwood, used to say, “If you’re stuck on a problem, don’t sit there and think about it; just start working on it. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, th

(171): Islam: Conversion during 1445/2024 Ramadan

Islam: Conversion during 1445/2024 Ramadan   Many people are embracing Islam more than usual during this ongoing Ramadan. Their stories are all over social media. One of the most popular stories is that of American writer and activist Shaun King and his wife, Rai King. We also witnessed one such conversation in our mosque last weekend.   He is a young man of Congolese origin. He was born and raised here (in Germany). The good conduct of his friend, the son of our chairman, influenced his decision. He fell in love with Islam, did his homework and, bingo, embraced it. May Allah grant him steadfastness, amin.   Shaun King (middle) and Rai King (right) Islam has been getting more members since the start of the Gaza war. That, too, continues. A few days ago, I saw a white Swedish young lady accepting Islam. She said the resilience and fortitude of Gazans in the face of what many people described as "genocide" happening in Gaza led her to their religion. Honestly, seeing and readin

(170): Saudi Arabia and the need for more reforms

By Muhsin Ibrahim  Even a visually impaired individual can perceive the evident transformation taking place in Saudi Arabia. Although we came from Germany, a country renowned for its technological advancements, we express our admiration for the aesthetic and infrastructural qualities of the Haramain High Speed Railway station. Furthermore, we observed a vast expanse of land undergoing construction, situated a short distance from the station. The name of this project, the Knowledge Economic City, provides an indication of its intended purpose. This is part of the Vision 2030 project. Additionally, numerous construction sites for hospitals, schools, and other facilities are visible in the surrounding area of the railway station. However, it is evident that further reform is necessary. Our taxi driver appeared to be of South Asian descent. During our brief conversation, I discovered that despite his grandfather being born in Saudi Arabia, he does not possess a Saudi passport and is consid

(169): Local languages: Panacea for social interaction and more?

  By Muhsin Ibrahim   Language  is   one  of the most amazing things in the world. We often overlook  its  influence  in our lives  because  it is  mundane . W e all use a language ,  verbally   or non-verbally ,  daily. We acquire language , i.e.,  we   grow up speaki ng  effortlessly. Thus, we don't care much about its profound  impact and influence   on how we interact with others, think about and view the world .   We had international conferences on Africa in  Cologne, Germany and San Francisco, United States.  This short piece is about something other than  the many academic papers  presented; it is about  how hearing someone speaking our language  or a local language   we are familiar with  in a foreign country attracts our attention.   In both Cologne and San Francisco, I observed a pattern. People speaking the same language form a circle. It does not matter if you are an ethnic speake r  of the language  or just a speaker .  People quickly click, for i t is easy to use a l

(168): Top 7 Kannywood series of 2023

By  Muhsin Ibrahim & Habibu Ma’aruf As 2023 draws to a close, the closure of Kano Filmhouse Cinema is one of Kannywood’s most regrettable events in the outgoing year. Consequently, there was a significant decline in the number of cinematic releases. Nevertheless, amid this setback, a silver lining emerged as it spurred a notable shift towards series films, with prominent producers and directors venturing into the evolving market. From  Labarina ,  Alaqa , and  Manyan Mata  to  Fatake ,  Amaryar Tiktok  and  Gidan Sarauta , Kannywood’s audience has been captivated by numerous enthralling TV and web series. While the series market faces criticism for potentially fostering second-rate productions, the following list highlights the best seven series films aired in the year. Please note that the numbering is not hierarchical.  1. Labarina Labarina  stands out as a household name among Hausa film enthusiasts. Despite premiering in 2020, this show’s latest seasons con

(167): Losing my religion: A call for dialogue

By Muhsin Ibrahim   I have observed a disturbing development among some young Muslims on social media. As soon as they read some philosophy books, they begin to question their faith and condemn their ‘conservative’ culture.    The youth view anyone disagreeing with them as ignorant, uneducated and uninformed. That enrages some of their followers, who, in turn, insult them (back), and things fall apart. Both sides are wrong.   First, I call on those youth not to rush in their conclusion on matters they barely understand. I, for instance, passed through a similar stage. While growing up and reading voraciously, I imagined myself as more learned than I actually was. In public (especially online fora), I challenged some people, including a professor many of you here know. I was wrong. Second, those who respond to those young guys in kind (by abusing them back) should change their approach and tactics. We need to listen to them. We must find ways to answer them with wisdom, patience and res