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Muhsin Ibrahim @muhsin234 INTRODUCTION The art of acting is the heart of theatre; direction breathes life into the heart, and other crews, alongside the audience, put flesh and blood onto the skeleton carrying the heart to make it fully functional. Everything—the story, stage, costume, the audience, etc—revolves around the actor. This undoubtedly makes acting a very gigantic task, challenging and it easily becomes problematic if not well handled. This, therefore, calls for the use of many and different objects to facilitate and further the action onstage, to make it more realizable, attention-grabbing and entertaining. There is no boundary to this. However, the success of an actor calls for a collective works of many professionals in harness with the director such as set designer, and costume coordinator, props coordinator, make-up coordinator, etc who are in charge of selecting any object seen befitting for a certain role, performance, and broadly, the setting of a pla