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(106): Kannywood Movie Review: TAQADDAMA

Production :    JS Inuwa International Ltd. Producer:        Alhaji Sheshe Director :         Ali Gumzak Year:              2018 Cast :               Ali Nuhu, Aminu Shareef, Abba El-Mustapha, Baballe Hayatu, Isa A. Isa and others. The biggest obstacle Kannywood filmmakers have to live with forever, probably, is all sort of judgement coming from a section of their audience. Naturally, people forget good behaviour and always recall the bad one. Anything wrong, unusual, sensational sells way more than the good, usual and ordinary does. It is, therefore, very rare to see a clip of a good Hausa film going viral on social media. Often, the video clip portrays something wrong about either the struggling film industry or the religion and ethnicity of its members. In most cases, these are taken out of context while others are not. The movie Taqaddama is such a unique one in the history of Kannywood, particularly this year, for, among other peculiarities, it does not hav