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(107): Top 10 Kannywood Films of 2018

By Muhsin Ibrahim The article was written for, and published by, the BBC Hausa service. Here is a link to a slightly different Hausa version published on their webpage:   Fina-finan Kannywood 10 da suka shahara a 2018 Kannywood film industry survives yet another year. Not only that, it prospers and produces films of various genres, chiefly comedy, romance and, scarcely, epic. They include Adam Zango’s offensively funny flick, Dan Kuka a Birni ; Ali Nuhu’s remake of his 2000 hit musical, Mujadala , among others. Kabiru Jammaje, the force behind the reincarnation of English language branch of Kannywood also sponsored another posh royal tale titled In Search of the King . Nafisa Abdullahi’s much-publicised movie, Yaki a Soyayya also seems promising. Thus, the year is well spent. The following movies were adjudged to be the best of the eventful year, which is, more or less, overshadowed by the build-up to Nigeria’s general election early next year. The politics forays into