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(109): Kannywood Movie Review: Wata Malama

Director :      Falalu A. Dorayi Producer :     Tijjani Asase Language :    Hausa Year :            2019 Company :    Dorayi Film & Distributions Nig. Ltd. Cast:            Halima Atete, Adam A. Zango, Umar Malumfashi, Hadiza Muhammad, etc. The widely advertised film, Wata Malama is finally out, more than a couple of years since the release of its trailer. It was earlier rumoured that the film was banned by the Kano State Censorship Board allegedly due to its explicit content. However, the film director, Falalu A. Dorayi debunked it and told me that it was only undergoing careful postproduction work. Although he didn’t say further, I think it’s for the same reason: the content. All that is over now. The film opens with tensed sequences of a hot-tempered police officer (Tijjani Asase) whose wife, a nurse, abandons their baby and goes to work for the night shift. She asks his ailing niece to tell him to prepare food for the baby in the morning. As he and the baby