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(89): Why I Don’t ‘Celebrate’ Birthday

Muhsin Ibrahim @muhsin234 A few years back, I barely noticed the passing of my birthdays. A few years later, during my postsecondary school days, I began to get a lone reminder of the days: SMS from my bank. That is no longer the case. The day comes with a lot of buzz and fuss. A plethora of “Happy Birthday” messages trickle into my phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc inboxes and timelines. Some close friends call; others walk into my office to express their wishes and prayers. What a change! I am heartily grateful, ladies and gentlemen. But that was not my (our?) culture. It gradually becomes so due to the “sameness” effect of globalization, which conjoins cultures. Today, people go to the extent of writing “Happy birthday to myself” on social media! Celebrating birthday that way is rather a new culture, at least so I believe. It is a novel culture we are willingly adopting today; it was not imposed on us by anyone, lest you think that. Therefore, I don’t outri

(88): Kannywood Movie Review: Husna ko Huzna

Director :         Falalu A. Dorayi Producer :       Tahir I. Tahir Story:               M.M. Haruna Language :      Hausa Year :               2017 Company :      M.M. Haruna Film Production, Kano Introduction The film  Husna ko Huzna  comes with quite some novelties. Notably, it was not hurriedly produced, as were many movies in the Kannywood film industry. I remember being told of its pre-production and production phases almost a year ago. The post-production, too, took an unconventional period before it was finished. This is replete in handling the special effects (VFX) used in the film. The advertorial is yet another well-planned thing, for every now and then, listeners of different radio stations in Kano, and probably beyond, were informed about the film. Unlike other films, the voiceover adds a freebie to prospective viewers: the film was carefully subtitled in Standard English. Many viewers would not expect anything short of this as the executive producer