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(112): Kannywood Movie Review: TANGARAN

Director :         Ali Gumzak Producer :       Sani Mai Iyali Story:              Ibrahim Birniwa Year :               2018 Company :      Famli Investment Ltd. Cast :               Maryam Gidado, Ali Nuhu, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Nuhu Abdullahi, Lawan Ahmad, Isah Feruzkhan, others. A couple of days ago, a UN report showed that men outnumber women in Nigeria. Several people, especially on social media, disputed the data, saying that women are way more than men. True or not, Ali Gumzak-directed film, Tangaran seems to have slightly corroborated the claim as three guys jostle to tie the knot with a beautiful damsel while she chases two others. Although not a focus of this review, this portrayal is arguably not the norm in today’s northern Nigeria. Thus, it’s equally not the usual case in many Kannywood films. Humaira alias Hanny or Honey (acted by Maryam Gidado) is a greedy lady who dreams of marrying a man who possesses certain, unique “qualities”, as she repeatedly men