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(26): Being Nigerian and the Danger of Many Stories

Muhammad Muhsin Ibrahim muhsin234 (Twitter) On many occasions, Nigerians stand out among their fellow Africans. “Giant of Africa” is the enviable, debatable title of Nigeria due to its biggest population and economy on the continent, inter alia. It also used to have the mightiest military, for their numerous accomplished peacekeeping missions in other African countries like Liberia , Sudan , and Serra Leon . The Nigeria ’s military is no longer, however, regarded as such, as they have yet to combat and contain the insurgency of the Islamists called Boko Haram within the country since 2009 and for the violation of civilian rights in other instances. Nigeria is arguably roughly divided along religious lines. The North is predominantly Muslim, while the South is largely Christian. There are over 200 distinct languages, but only three (Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo) are considered major. So, Nigeria is a country of plurality and complexities, if you will, sh

(25): RE: We are Individuals; they are also Individuals (II)

A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from a friend on this article.  He ‘requested’ me to remove it from my blog as it makes the subject I discussed mad. It was actually more than a request, for I could sense a sort of threat in his husky voice that I either comply or face the music. I can’t give in to that. Here is Veena’s reaction and subsequently my reply. This I believe balances the equation. Hi Muhammad, I hope you know Jesus Christ wasn't a drunkard. Just like having a pint of beer doesn't make one an alcoholic. Your facts are unchecked and unconfirmed, leaves your entire buzzworthy online debate on a teen smoker a farce. Also, that's wrong journalism as: i) On receipt of a report or article of public interest and benefit containing imputations or comments against a citizen, the editor should check with due care and attention its factual accuracy apart from other authentic sources- with the person or the organisation concerned to elicit his/he