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(123): Kannywood Movie Review: Mati a Zazzau

Director:         Yaseen Auwal Producer:       Rahama Sadau & Sadiq Sani Sadiq Language:      Hausa Year:               2020 Company:      Sadau Pictures and Asmasan Pictures Cast:            Sadiq Sani Sadiq,Tahir I. Tahir, Rabi’u Rikadawa, Adam A. Zango, Rahama Sadau, Hadiza Blell, Umar Gombe, etc.
So far, only very few successful titles in Kannywood have become a franchise. Beside Adam A. Zango’s Basaja, I can only mention Yaseen Auwal’s Mati character. While the former deals with financial rickety in an urban, techno-scientific set, the latter is a social drama in a rural setting in the past. The chronicle of Mati began with Wani Gari and then Mati da Lado and now Mati a Zazzau. Had the filmmaker foreseen where the film could go, I guess the first of the series would have “Mati” in its title. Now, the character has become a commodity as he acts in short films and others imitate him elsewhere. At the risk of jumping the gun, I can confirm that Mati a Zazzau has a sequel. So, fans of…