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(145): Top 5 Kannywood films of 2022

Habibu Ma'aruf


The year 2022 has not been great for the Kannywood film industry. There was a substantial decline in feature film production as the popularity of series films soared, piquing the interest of more producers. Cinematic releases were at a premium throughout the year, with just nine films, making it a ratio of less than one release a month. The situation was so severe that no major production was shown at cinemas, even during the Eid ul-Fitr festivities.

However, while some of the few releases fell flat on their faces, others have managed to make it in the trying year. Find below the top 5 Kannywood films of 2022. Please note that only feature films were considered for this list.

  1. Aisha

Directed by Hafizu Bello, the movie, Aisha, is critically and commercially successful. It beats Kayi Nayi (Dir, Gumzak 2021) to become Kannywood’s biggest grosser by earning over ₦5.5 million during its elongated run in two cinemas. This is not surprising as it’s a production of ‘the box-office king’ Abubakar Bashir Mai-Shadda. The story revolves around the eponymous character, Aisha (played by Amal Umar), who dies after being raped, and her parents’ struggle for justice. The plot is uncommonly twisted but perfectly pieced together. The film has a strong message and a realistic narrative. It exposes the grim reality in some higher institutions where students commit serious misconduct. It stars Amal Umar, Nura Hussaini, Adam A. Zango, Sani Danja, and Shamsu Dan Iya, among others.

  1. Lamba

Before the premiere of this Ali Gumzak-directed comedy, there had already been an overwhelming craze for its title song. This has helped the film to rake in ₦1.32 million on the first day, beating the previous record first-day collection of ₦1.25 million by Fanan (Dir. Alolo 2021). Produced by Abubakar Bashir Maishadda, Lamba is a social satire set against the backdrop of ‘Audio money’ (a slang term for the fake display of wealth). It tells how some three young men (Adam A. Zango, Umar M. Sharif and Ado Gwanja) flaunt false riches to impress the classy girls they meet on social media. The unveiling of their true identity is later shown in brilliantly executed, hilarious scenes that get the audience laughing throughout.  The film lacks an innovative script, but it’s an excellent comedy that succeeded in tickling the funny bone. Other casts include Aminu Sharif (Momo), Maryam Booth, Maryam Yahaya, Bilkisu Abdullahi, Aisha Najamu, etc.

  1. Nadeeya

Although the eponymous movie Nadeeya wasn’t initially meant for cinematic release, it still managed to get a large audience while showing on the big screen. The film is an issue-based drama about ‘upbringing’. It depicts how some parents spoil their kids, specifically daughters, and the practical difficulties such children face in life. The story focuses on a pampered daughter, Nadeeya (acted by Rahama Sadau), who faces similar challenges after marriage. The film is hard-hitting and very meaningful. It shows that children’s first learning begins at home, and their personalities and morals depend largely on their upbringing. The actor’s performance is also impressive.  It was produced by the leading actress Rahama Sadau and directed by Yaseen Auwal. Other casts include Umar M. Shareef, Rabi’u Rikadawa, Asma’u Sani, etc.

  1. Hikima

This movie is a murder mystery specially made with a considerable budget to meet the requirements for showing on Netflix. It’s, however, yet to show on the online viewing platform. The film, which premiered in cinemas in late 2021, was released to the wider public in 2022. It tells the story of a philogynist lecturer, Sadiq (Nasir Naba). It begins from a court session with Sadiq being accused of murdering his female student. The film is richly suspenseful, but many audiences criticise it for having a convoluted plot. Moreover, the cinematography and actor’s performance, among others, place it ahead of its peers this year. Hafizu Bello directed it, while Mustapha Ahmad (Alhaji Sheshe) was the producer. It stars Nasir Naba, Ishaq Sidi Ishaq, Sarah Aloysius, Sani Mu’azu, Maryam Yahaya, etc.

  1. A Bikin Suna

A Bikin Suna tells the story of Mustapha (Ali Nuhu) and his wife Ummulkhairi (Mommy Gombe). They have been married for five years without giving birth to a single child. This fact makes Mustapha’s relatives accuse Ummulkhairi of infertility. She becomes pregnant afterwards, and everyone begins to like her. However, a new conflict erupts when the young baby gets missing during the naming ceremony. The film is generally enjoyable. It’s directed by Yasin Auwal and produced by Danjuma Salisu. Other casts include Saratu Daso, Musa Mai-Sana’a, Maryam Yahaya, Shamsu Dan Iya, Rahama MK, etc.


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