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(119): Kannywood Movie Review: YANAYI

Director:         Sunusi Oscar 442
Producer:       Naziru Dan Hajiya
Year:               2019
Company:      A & Y Kanemi Film Production
Cast:               Zainab Indomie, Ali Nuhu, Adam A. Zango, Nuhu Abdullahi, Fati Washa, Abdul M. Sharif, Salsi S. Fulani, others.

The movie Yanayi is a multi-starrer, featuring the trio: Ali Nuhu, Adam Zango and Zainab Indomie who delivered Gari Yai Zafi, a massive blockbuster of the last decade, alongside other stars such as Fati Washa, Nuhu Abdullahi, Maryam Isah, Abdul M. Shareef, Lilisco, Salisu S. Fulani and more.

Unlike in Gari Yai Zafi, where they are all in leading roles, Ali Nuhu and Adam Zango's role in Yanayi is very negligible. The remaining actors also are all supporting the leading character Zainab Indomie.

Produced by Naziru Dan Hajiya and directed by Sunusi Oscar 442, the film revolves around the life of a highly salacious lady, Hajiya Shafa'atu (Zainab Indomie) whose husband, an elderly gentleman (Ali Nuhu) gets hypertension for struggling to satisfy her intense sexual desire. He consequently dies. Afterwards, the oversexed Hajiya becomes a promiscuous “sugar mummy”. She deceives every young man she comes into contact with and sleeps with him. Along the line, she sleeps with her stepdaughter's suitor, spoiling their relationship, and also her best friend's brother. 

Eventually, retribution comes to Hajiya when she truly falls in love with one of them, Adam Zango. His parents disapprove of her. Obsessively, Hajiya falls sick. She is taken to hospital, only (for her) to find out the scandalous mystery that one of the young men she had an affair with is her true son!

The film is so bold to testify that nymphomaniacs called "Harijai" in Hausa do exist. The wide sexy eyes and melodious voice of Zainab Indomie are used to showcase the morphological features of such women.

Not only does the film condemn the immoral activities of sugar mummies, but it also slams the young men that go for them.

The film is a bit vulgar and rich only in style without substance. The plot sways unsteadily. Yet it is still watchable. The music is pleasant, especially the background score composed by the veteran Nazifi Asnanic.

In terms of performances, all the actors tried, but actually Zainab Indomie gave an earnest performance. Her performance is the only saving grace of the film. 

I gave 2.5/5 stars to this film.

Reviewed by:

Habibu Ma'aruf


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