(152): Kwankwasiyya, a political movement in need of reorientation

By Muhsin Ibrahim

If Engr. Abba K. Yusuf wins this weekend's election, which I hope he does, he gets much work to do in Kano State. However, that is not the focus of this brief article. Instead, I want to write about the other critical work he needs to do: reorienting the Kwankwasiyya stalwarts.

As I said the other day, our politics is fraught with immorality, thuggery, you name it. Believe it or not (and I know many among my friends will not), Kwankwasiyya followers are infamous for using rude language against their opponents. I have been insulted for 'criticising' Dr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the founder and grand leader of the movement. No one has ever insulted me more than some of these folks. They spare no one!

Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf

Thus, Engr. Abba should initiate programs to sanitise his followers. The work is enormous, and it will take much effort. However, something needs to be done to reorient the promising followers of this auspicious political movement. It worries me, in particular, because you can see this unfortunate trait among almost any category of Kwankwasiyya followers. It's pretty rattling.

I should have written this in Hausa, as the message will reach more people. However, I avoid it to reduce the number of insults and innuendoes the post may invite. FYI, I am not afraid of anyone here; been there, done that.

Finally, I am not absolving followers of any particular politician. When I wrote about Malam Ibrahim Khalil the other day, some of his supporters abused me! So, if fans of a cleric-cum-politician could do that, who is saintly? No one. Yet, Kwankwasiyya's is on a different level. Thus, they deserve special mention. I also hope this post reaches the incoming governor (in sha Allah), Engr. Abba K. Yusuf.

While I pray for the best candidates, regardless of our choices and their political parties, I urge you to avoid violence before, during and after elections. There is life after the election.


  1. Thank you mentor

  2. Thank you sir

  3. Ameen thumma Ameen, they indeed need reorientation.

    Thank you sir!

  4. U re great with your words


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