(155): Actors Beyond the Screen: A Tale of Two Film Industries

 Actors Beyond the Screen: A Tale of Two Film Industries

By Muhsin Ibrahim

Many people find it difficult to distinguish between fiction and reality. Therefore, they mistakenly assume an actor's role is their actual behaviour outside the fictional world of a particular film. Some also think their beauty on camera is the same as off the camera - and hold several other presumptions.

I saw posts where (Hausa) ladies declared their love for Korean film actors and K-pop stars. But, unknown to them, those actors don't only have heavy makeup, but some also have had plastic surgeries to enhance their looks. South Koreans are obsessed with their looks and go to any length to look exceptionally gorgeous.

However, beyond the look, fame and fortune, many (of these) celebrities go through a lot in their lives. One of them, Moonbin, 25, died in an apparent suicide scenario last night. BBC reports that South Korea has the highest rate of suicide among developed countries. Most of the victims are celebrities and in their 20s!

As I also understood in Rabiu Rikadawa and Hadiza Gabon's talk, many men who marry Kannywood ladies expect to see the beautiful faces and sexy bodies they see in films. But, they soon become disappointed once they see something different or even contrary. That is often the beginning of the end of the union.

Folks, wish and pray for what is best for your distinct need. Don't just wish to be me - or anyone else – in all respects. You may not have the strength to endure my life struggle. So, what should you do?

Strive to improve your living standards through hard work (studies, businesses, or any other legit endeavour) and supplement that with prayers. While we think or even claim to be architects of our lives, we don't control everything. Hence the need to add prayers on top of our efforts.

It's excellent to have a role model, a motivator, and an inspiration. Nevertheless, some life experiences have taught me to stop wishing to be exactly like anyone. Instead, I want to be myself, a version I constantly try to improve.

Of course, I admire many people and wish to accomplish some things as they do. But that's different from wanting to be them. I would rather have more contentment and remain how I am destined to be.

Also, wise up and see things as they are. Just you know, even the so-called Reality TV Shows aren't real. Actors act as any character the director commands them to do. Producers and other crew provide locations, costumes, props, etc., as a script requires. In sum, everything is staged and fake.


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