(162): On rewriting my novel, A Weird Hope

On rewriting my novel, A Weird Hope

By Muhsin Ibrahim

I published my novel, A Weird Hope, in 2012. I don't have a copy of the book today. However, as I worked on publishing a second edition very soon, I asked a friend who still keeps a copy to send me its imprints. I found avoidable errors in the "Acknowledgment". What about other parts of the book? It's pretty embarrassing.

Beyond that, I felt happy. I was glad because my writing skills are evidently better today. That enabled me to see those blunders. That led me to upgrade the language of the forthcoming edition. I also insisted on getting a competent editor, not just one that would do it for me free or quickly. Hey, you may still see errors. I'm human - and a Learner.

I shall talk more about the book once it's released. For now, I advise fellow budding writers to never stop practising. Writing is a passion. Nevertheless, they should take their time getting their manuscripts published.

I know the euphoria of seeing your writing published even online, not to talk of holding a physical book. It's so fulfilling. But publish only what you will always be proud of, and that requires a meticulous, even tedious job. It can take years to see the light of day.

Anyway, A Weird Hope will soon be published on Amazon in Kindle and paperback, in sha Allah. I will also tell you how I learned to do that and why. It will likely motivate you to enquire, explore and experiment even more.

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  1. We will be happy seeing the new edition!

  2. wish you all the best sir!

  3. Wish you wonderful rectification sir.

  4. Best wishes Dr.

  5. We are waiting for such a good work, we shall be grateful having it soon.

  6. Best wishess sir

  7. You improve because you never relent on learning and relearning on daily basis. Wishes you success in future, Sir

  8. All the best Sir.


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