(166): 2024: Time to reflect on the 2023 resolutions

 By Muhsin Ibrahim


The year (2023) will end in less than a week. Many of us had “New Year’s resolutions” around this time last year. It’s time to look back and check what you have achieved or failed to achieve. You should also deliberate on what you can do better to realise your dreams for 2024. Yes, there is always room to do better.

As a famous saying goes, “Man proposes, God disposes”. Still, we must do our best to actualise our dreams—there is no room for complacency. The world is changing and changing very fast. 


The world is also becoming very competitive. Thus, as we say in Hausa, "Idan kana da kyau, ka ƙara da wanka", meaning, “Step up your game”. Explore the internet for opportunities (such as scholarships, fellowships, legit jobs, etc.). Don’t waste your data or Wi-Fi sub on trivial, often viral topics. Stay focused. 

It’s also essential to build a network and knock on other’s doors for more opportunities, referrals, recommendations, and other benefits. I am not asking you to beg o! Don’t annoy those contacts, as well. Do it professionally and responsibly.


Be a good person – or better than you are today. Often, others see your efforts or potential from a distance and contact you. I have been approached as such and got others in the same manner. So, do good and good will, in sha Allah, come your way. Be optimistic. 


May God – that disposes – help us realise our good dreams for 2024 and subsequent years, amin. 


  1. Very educative! I'm motivated by this. JazakAllah Sir!

  2. JazakumulLahu khairan. It's been a privilege knowing you, Dr.

  3. It's very educative Sir and also I'm motivated. Jazakallahu kairan


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