(171): Islam: Conversion during 1445/2024 Ramadan

Islam: Conversion during 1445/2024 Ramadan 

Many people are embracing Islam more than usual during this ongoing Ramadan. Their stories are all over social media. One of the most popular stories is that of American writer and activist Shaun King and his wife, Rai King. We also witnessed one such conversation in our mosque last weekend.


He is a young man of Congolese origin. He was born and raised here (in Germany). The good conduct of his friend, the son of our chairman, influenced his decision. He fell in love with Islam, did his homework and, bingo, embraced it. May Allah grant him steadfastness, amin.


Shaun King (middle) and Rai King (right)

Islam has been getting more members since the start of the Gaza war. That, too, continues. A few days ago, I saw a white Swedish young lady accepting Islam. She said the resilience and fortitude of Gazans in the face of what many people described as "genocide" happening in Gaza led her to their religion.

Honestly, seeing and reading such stories is intriguing and reassuring. In contrast, some people who are born and raised Muslims bash the religion with pleasure, especially on social media today. They used to hide behind fake accounts. Not anymore. Some of these Islamaphobes are even our 'friends'. 


I live and work with several non-Muslims, including agnostics and atheists in Germany. So far, so very good. None of my colleagues or neighbours has ever mocked Islam or Muslims in my presence. Regrettably, it's different from some fellow 'Muslims' from among us on Arewa cyberspace. They mistake this for intellectualism. Duh!


May Allah guide us to the right path, amin.





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